What About Homage Watches?

What About Homage Watches?

It is not safe to walk around with a bank vault on your wrist, nor can many people afford it. We are talking about expensive brand luxury watches. Brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, and Richard Mille to name a few. Some of these watches are hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What do you do if you want the style these watches bring but do not want to or cannot plunk down the huge amount of cash it would require putting one on your wrist?

Well, you have options. There are a few different types of watches that can give you that style but at a much lower cost. These are the homage, replica, and counterfeit watches. Some watch enthusiasts will say that these are all the same but, they do have their differences.

The Homage Watch 

A homage watch is just like it sounds, it pays homage or tribute to a well-known expensive watch from a well-known brand. Not only do they match the looks but also match the features. The best part, these watches are significantly more affordable.

One key aspect of the homage watch is that these watches have their own brand name. They do not use the brand name of the watch for which they are paying tribute.

Some of these homage watches pay tribute to watches that are still on the market while others pay tribute to models that are no longer being produced.

You will also see some high-priced watch companies create a tribute to one of their own watches that are no longer produced. In this case, they will have the same brand name.

It is important to note that homage watches are created to offer a watch that looks like the original but at a more affordable price. These watches are still made with high-quality materials and cannot really be considered cheap as the can range in multiple hundreds of dollars in price.  Also, these watches are not to be confused with replicas or counterfeits.


The Rolex Jubilee homage by San Martin -  $655.00 Now $455.00 Save $200.00


Tribute to the Omega Seamaster, the Pagani Design Wave -  $337.98 Now $237.98 Save $100.00


Richard Mille homage by Bonest Gatti -    $1,142.00 Now  $799.00 Save $343.00


Patek Phillipe Nautilus homage by San Martin -  $599.00 Now $399.00 Save $200.00 


The Replica Watch

A replica watch is a watch created to be an exact reproduction of the original watch. Where the homage is a tribute, the replica is an exact copy.

You will find some very convincing replica watches on the market, as it is a billion-dollar industry. It is important to do you research so you do not buy a replica thinking it is the real thing. This goes for counterfeit watches as well.

The Counterfeit Watch

When it comes to counterfeit and replica watches, it is hard to tell the two apart. This is not true for homage watches which is why they are more accepted.

Many consider replica and counterfeits the same thing as both try to be passed off as the original. Replica watches are often more premium than counterfeits as they are meticulously produced. Some replicas are so well-made only experts can tell them apart. Counterfeits are basically considered "fake" watches.

Counterfeit watches generally use cheap materials and are mass-produced. They are usually poor quality and very inexpensive. Like the replica watch, the counterfeit or fake watch is illegal.


If you had to rank the three types, the homage watch is the best because it has the highest quality and is made by reputable brands. These watches make no claims to be original.

Next is the replica watch that come in various quality levels. There are good ones and there are bad ones.

Lastly, is the counterfeit or fake watch. They have the lowest quality and the lowest price tags.

Your safest bet is the homage watch because these are often great timepieces. If you are trying to fool people, then you will need to get a replica or counterfeit since they will have the same brand name. 

Quick tip: If you see a Rolex and the second hand does not move smoothly but jumps at each second, then it is a fake.